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Genius Thief 2-Hands

Welcome to Genius Thief: 2-Hands. Use your genius brain and challenge your intelligence and ingenuity to steal the items and treasures you want.
Each level is a funny story that will make you feel happy and relieve stress.

Training your logic, problem-solving skills, creativity and ingenuity.
Think you're really smart enough to solve all these puzzles?

- Flexible use of body parts (Head, Hands, Legs).
- Simple graphics but extremely fun.
- Funny sound and witty game effects.
- Play without internet.
- The game is completely free.
- No limits for play.
- Unlimited decision time.

It's fun for all ages when you can play with your family and friends.
This is a simple game, absolutely unimagined and highly addictive. Download it now!

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